You Must Act Quickly Because Only Few Of These Packages Will Be Sold And This Offer For The Recession-Proof Internet Business Will Be Pulled Forever!”



I am Really Going To Start You Up With A Business
You Can Run From Home


And I’ll Include All These branded automated Website Portals,
so you can get started straight away creating residual multiple streams of income for yourself and your family even while you sleep.


Do you know that there’s over 3.3 billion internet users worldwide?

Do you know that there’s over 86 million internet users in Nigeria?

That’s a big number, isn’t it? And what’s more, it’s getting bigger and bigger by the second.

So, just imagine if you had a successful online business, which tapped into that massive market, and allowed you to have the income and lifestyle of your dreams.

Pretty exciting, yes?


Unless you know the key principles of successful online business, you won’t stand a chance

In fact, for the FIRST TIME I am allowing a few people to learn and run our Internet Business  System from the comfort of their own home.

A amazing systems each of  which can make you an average of  250,000-1,500,000 ..and more


And to start you off on that same road, I will NOT just show you exactly how to start making your fortune with nothing more than ROBUST WEBSITE PORTALS, but I will actually be providing the services and tools for you along with enough support ready to help you make consistent income stream from your portable online business.

I Love This Business Because It’s Like Having Your Own Little Automated Cash Machine At Home…

Indeed, once set-up they virtually run themselves leaving you with some really easy admin work beachlifeto do and not much more.

And I am doing this because I'm so confident that you’ll find this the simplest way you’ve seen to make great weekly profits that I want you to be able to PROVE IT WORKS YOURSELF right from the comfort of your own home.

Which is why with this Recession-proof Internet Business I’d like to set up for you over the next 2 weeks, I will include :-


webhostingportal 1. Ready-Made Automated Web Design and Web hosting portal ...

Comes wiith billing and online payment platform (Interswitch, Visa, Mastercard, Verve) linked to your bank account.

Make Money By Hosting Your Own Clients!

This system is a great way for you to earn money on the side, or even become your own full-time web hosting company. Acquire your own hosting clients.

We provide you with everything necessary to start your own web hosting company!

You will earn income providing these services:

A. Web Hosting and domain name services

B. Website and Portal Development services

C. VPS and dedicated server services

D.Mobile App development services

E. Custom Software Development Services

travelportal 2. Ready-Made branded Online Travel Booking Website..

Earn up to 30%-50% commissions on all flight, hotel and Car hire bookings via your portal.

With your Travel Booking Website, you can turn visits to your travel website into cash. Your portal comes with flight, Hotel and Car hire API search so you can start earning money every time a visitor to your site books a flight, hotel or car.

No need for AITA license, as we are affiliated with worlds GDS providers Amadeus.
Amadeus has 400 airlines and 100,000 hotels on their system.

You will earn commissions from these services:
A. Flight Bookings via your portal
B. Hotel Bookings via your portal
C. Car Hire Bookings via your portal

bulksmsportal 3. Ready-Made Branded Bulksms Website
Comes with billing and online payment platform (Interswitch, Visa, Mastercard, Verve) linked to your bank account.

Start the road to stardom by becoming your own BOSS and employer of labour with your own robust, well packaged bulk SMS website  and start earning from online SMS Business!

Package comes with a Bulk SMS business website for you to earn from with 1000 free sms units, 1000 phone numbers for marketing. 

Earn residual income from these services:

A. BulkSMS services

B. GSM and Email lists

C. Shortcode and longcode services

ecoomercewebsite 4. Ready-Made E-commerce Online Store
What if you could have your own personal online supermall that allowed you to sell any and all of the hottest products on the internet for a signifiant profits without the headaches of stocking the products?
What if your website were set up for you complete with pictures of products and an online order form?
What if your credit card approval system were already in place?.
What if you could have the freedom to just market products and receive payment electronically instantly for products that were purchased?
Well this system does exist....and its called ecommerce dropship website.
We are offering this as part of our packages to you to add to your streams of income.
infoproducts 5. Quality Information Products in a Box
Create residual and multiple streams of income from 100 Ready-Made PLR (Private Label Rights) products with sales copy.

This Package comes with high quality Information Products With Private Label license Rights and ready-made sales pages to market online around the world. You keep 100% profits from these products.

So you can just plug the system in and go. Incidentally, these are products I have taken from my own private Product Vault.

Basically this is the place where I keep literally HUNDREDS OF READYMADE PRODUCTS that we can either launch online in the future as front-end products … as bonuses with other projects .


seo 1.Free Search Engine Optimisation of all the websites -
Makes the portals highly discoverable on major Search networks like Google, Yahoo, bing etc. This service helps drive natural traffic of clients to these portals for a global influence...
online payment 2.Free Interswitch Online Payment Platform -
This enables your portals to run on autopilot receiving real time online order even when are asleep...
viralmarketing 3.Free Viral Marketing System -
A.Email marketing system- newsletters with templates. Sends automated emails to prospective clients and also follow up on your clients with regards to your services B.Free Internet and Social Media Marketing...
mailing list 4.Free Customer Database- Email and Phone Contacts:
Access to OVER 500 Thousand verified Nigerian business email and 750 Thousand Nigerian business phone contacts for email and sms advertisement and marketing...
branding 5. Free Business Branding-
We will design your Logo, complimentary cards, letter headings, to get you started....
training 6. Free Training and Workshops
We will provide 3 days executive Training on-Entrepreneurship, business management and clients management. Basically we will teach you how you will run the portals on autopilot and how you can attend to your clients.


1. All portals come branded with your chosen personal or company name.
All portal comes with Online payment platform (Interswitch, Visa, Mastercard) for automated online payment transactions.
no experience 2. No technical experience needed on your part. Training on how to run the websitess and attend to your clients is provided. If you know how to check your mails, then you can run this business.
techsupport 3. Technical Support Available.
We handle all the technical side of the services on your behalf, your role is to present finished projects to your client and get paid.
50 4. Joint Venture Partnership with PureWeb Technologies- Profitable Revenue Sharing Formula.
Profit share of 50-50 between you and our Company. The company provide the service, you are trained to attend to your clients...Everyone is happy!
automated 5. Portable Automated Business
These Businesses can be run from Home, on autopilot on a shoestring budget even while you sleep!

Get Ready For Wealth …

In fact, over the next 2 weeks or so you can actually have your own Portable e-business and be ready to make money like I do virtually every day of the week.

You can literally own Ready-Made Automated Websites all capable of making money for you AUTOMATICALLY


This is a business which can take you no more than an hour or two a day to run but which could make you fortunes starting with nothing more than simple automated websites but with:-

• Web Sites which are already designed for you and can run AUTOMATICALLY

• Products you DON’T have to even duplicate or post yourself to your customers

This is a business where NO OFFICENO STAFF … and NO EXPERIENCE is needed!

It’s a business you’d be PROUD to show your friends and family … and one you’d even be able to PASS ON TO YOUR CHILDREN

A business you could start on a shoestring budget with virtually NO RISK whatsoever…

It’s a business which allows you a great deal of FREEDOM … where virtually no work is required other than an hour or two a day simple admin…

And it is a business which, REGARDLESS of where you are now or how life’s treating you, let me assure you, YOU can make a very comfortable living from this.

We're Revealing The Secret Of This Great Portable eBusiness to you!

Literally for the first time I am  going to allow this system to be taught without the need for you to invest so much.

Secondly, I want you to understand that the package you're gono receive is by far different from anything you’ve ever experienced or seen before. I can promise you.'re probably wondering just what your investment for all of this will be..?

Packages and bonuses are worth  N2.7 M in actual value but you will only invest a minimum set up fee to get started. This takes care of the minimum costs of setting up the portals, hosting fees, payments systems and other necessary expenses.

What's the investment to get your very own easy Recession-Free Internet Business-in-a-Box?

Minimum Package Cost If You Built Yourself

“Cash Cranking Portable Internet Business One-Time-Offer Deal Of The Century” Value () You Pay  ()
1. Ready-Made Automated Web Design and Web hosting portal ...  357,000 157,000
2. Ready-Made branded Online Travel Booking Website.. 357,000 157,000
3. Ready-Made Branded Bulksms Website 337,000 137,000
4. Ready-Made Ecommerce Website.... 357,000 157,000
5. 100 Ready-Made PLR (Private Label Rights) products with sales copy 387,000 137,000
6. Search Engine Optimisation-SEO 157,000 Free
7. Interswitch Online Payment System 150,000 Free
8. Viral Marketing System 137,000 Free
9. 500 Thousand verified Nigerian business email and 750 Thousand Nigerian business phone contacts 350,000 Free
10. Business Branding 57,000 Free
11. Training and Workshops 67,000 Free
Total Real Value 2,713,000 745,000

As you can see from the cost table above you'd have to shell out over 2.7 Million Naira to build this yourself.

But...I have done well in this business and so now I'm looking to give a little back.

I'm looking to put a no-brainer, lazy cash pumping phenomenon, in the hands of a limited number of individuals that "get it". 

So no, while I could do it...I'm NOT going to charge you 2.7 Million. In fact, your total investment for your own One-Time-Offer Package is a paltry


And it gets better, If you are ordering all the packages Today, You Get all at just

287,000 Only 

That's less than 27,000 for each of the sizzling 11 packages, that no-one else has.


There are only two ways to quickly place an order for your package:

1. Bank Transfer  2. Web Pay

zenith gtbank fcmb

NOTE: I Will Pull This “One-Time-Offer” The Second Few ORDERS are placed. This Is Truly A Rare And LIMITED Opportunity!


You Must Act Now - before it's too LATE!  If you leave this page and attempt to come back, the One-Time-Offer may be gone forever! Don't delay!  


Internet Entrepreneur
CEO/Founder PureWeb Technologies LTD.

P.S.  I’ve done everything in my power to make this a no-brainer for you.  I've spared no expense to get you top packages and top systems to sell those products and services for you.  You just turn on, plug and profit.

P.P.S.  You have only this ONE Opportunity. Be sure to sign up now while you have the chance. You may not see this page again, and there is no "thinking about it and coming back".

P.P.P.S.I should be Blunt with you I am only looking for few individuals and I only have a Few Packages...

Please do not be irritated if you decide to leave and come back, only to find this page has disappearedRemember...this offer is only good right now!